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James Kiester is a talented writer of mysteries and crime fiction. His debut novel, "Murder According To Hoyle," tells the story of a professional poker player who becomes entangled in a death defying murder mystery. When a popular Nevada Senator is found dead in his suite on the Las Vegas Strip, Nick Ferrous must weave his way through the local cocaine underground in order to clear the name of a well intentioned, if hopelessly naive, liberal activist. Filled with local color and interesting historical tidbits, this book delivers an array of colorful characters, smart snappy dialogue, and a thought provoking mystery designed to keep readers guessing until the end.

In addition to this work, James currently has outlines for four more Nick Ferrous Mysteries, and mulls over new ideas for the series on a daily basis. He's also developing an exciting series of short stories chronicling the exploits of Portland P.I., Jake Waters, as he battles alcoholism in addition to Portland's criminal element.

He's currently writing a collection of short stories about a small town. Over time, the town evolved into an isolated community of artists, writers, and free thinkers. The mechanism behind the evolution is spelled out, in a way that makes sense, in the introduction. Some of the stories will be mysteries, some will be funny, some will be town emergencies, etc...

To promote his writing, James began the writing, literature, and current events blog Blogito Ergo Sum. Yet, James found himself writing multiple entries about food. Thus, he opened a second blog called On My Plate where he could share his thoughts about cheese, wine, restaurants, recipes, and other aspects of the epicurean realm.

You can drop James a line at James@JamesKiester.com. While James can't possibly reply to every incoming message, senders of messages via this link will be subscribed to James' blog newsletter.

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