About James Kiester

I was born on February 12th, 1970 with a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. Because this condition robs me of motor control, fine enough to allow me to walk and perform common tasks, the doctors told my parents I would never be able attend school. Thirty years, and one college degree, later, I owned my own Research/Website Design business and worked as a volunteer for my local Sheriff's Department. Then, of course, were the book and blogs, as detailed on the front page of this site.

For those who are curious about the book though, during the 2004 general election, eleven states passed some form of anti-gay legislation. I wanted to address the issue, but didn't want to simply write a letter to the editor and let it go at that. So, I began work on a murder mystery, "Murder According to Hoyle: A Nick Ferrous Mystery," which tells the story of the murder of a Senator who was trying to ban gay marriage on a federal level. To set my work apart from other mysteries on the market, I made the sleuth a professional poker player rather than the typical police detective or private investigator.

In addition to writing, I'm a food enthusiast. While I like & appreciate good food, pretty much across the gastronomic board, I have special interests in cheese, wine, and beer. That being said, there's little I won’t try, and little which I'll reject once I've tried it, as long as it's prepared well. Whether it's foreign cuisine, pickled pig's feet, bone marrow on toast, calamari, or simply anchovies on pizza, I'm game for pretty much anything.

Being a Christian, I believe God walked the Earth as Christ to make our redemption possible. That being said, I'm a progressive thinker and can respect, even be friends with, people of all faiths/beliefs as long as they're kind & down to Earth.

Today, I spend the majority of my time, 6 to 8 hours per day, operating my computer with my nose to communicate and blog.

James' Micro FAQ

Home Town
Aloha/Beaverton, Oregon

Boxing (watching only),
Poker (playing & watching), Reading, Writing, Poetry, Mysteries, Science Fiction, Westerns, Recipe Collecting, Cheese, Wine, Beer,
Trying New Foods,
Current Events, British TV

Favorite Writers
Robert B. Parker,
Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle,
Agatha Christe,
Aaron Sorkin,
Willa Cather,
Garrison Keillor,
J. Michael Straczynski
& Anthony Bourdain

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