Hey There Compatriots,

I've updated my food & political blogs this week. Enjoy!


Reading List

Blogit Ergo Sum:
Following his behavior during Hurricane Michael, I examine Donald Trump's pattern of self-interest in, "Blogito Ergo Sum: Trump Fiddles As Florida Struggles."

On My Plate:
Learn the results of my experiments with a promising looking meat snack and premade wine cocktail in, "On My Plate: Risking My Palette With 2 New Finds."

Super Fan:
The new Venom movie has me thinking about the trend of giving villains their own movie. Get my take on the trend in, "Super Fan: Bad Guys Can Be Cool Too."

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Support Blogit Ergo Sum:
In the wake of government sanctioned child abuse, visit My Book Store to learn the history of immigration to The United States of America. Then browse a selection of my favorite books.
Support On My Plate:
Recently the epicurean world was rocked by the loss of one of food's greatest ambassadors. Visit My Culinary Shop to browse a selection of Anthony Bourdain's books and some of my favorite episodes of No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Then browse a list of my favorite edible goodies.
Support Super Fan:
Visit my Fan Shop where you'll find a list of some of my favorite graphic novels, shows, and movies.


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