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Hey There Compatriots,

It's your favorite opinion writer, James Kiester. This was a funny week for blogging. I wrote the message I felt people needed to hear right now, did the layout, and included the music video I quoted in the piece. Then I had to decide where to post it. The tone of the piece fit my Christian blog, but the message would benefit a secular audience too. Since I couldn't decide, I put the entry on Musings From The Christian Left and Blogito Ergo Sum. I bet it's the first time The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been quoted on a Christian blog. Ah, youíll see. Stay healthy, safe, and sane everyone.


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Blogito Ergo Sum: Updated - 04/04/2020

Even as parts of our government seem unable, or unwilling, to do what needs to be done, visit Blogito Ergo Sum to be reassured, "There's a Light."

On My Plate: Updated - 03/20/2020

Drop by On My Plate for my review of, "Taco Bell's Next Big Sandwich, The Triplelupa."

Musings From The Christian Left: Updated - 04/04/2020

In these dark, and admittedly frightening, times, visit Musings From The Christian Left to be assured, "There's a Light."


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