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Hey There Compatriots,

This week I've finally posted a new food blog and pop culture blog. Happy Reading!


Reading List

Blogito Ergo Sum: Updated - 05/23/2019

During a meltdown in the Rose Garden, President Trump, essentially, went on strike. Read my reaction in, "Blogito Ergo Sum: President On Strike."

On My Plate: Updated - 06/04/2019

Find out if you can get good Italian food at Burger King in, "On My Plate: Is The Burger King King Of The Chicken Parm?"

Super Fan: Updated - 06/06/2019

Get my thoughts on the end of Game of Thrones, plus a few other thoughts in, "Super Fan: Bye Bye Westeros."

Musings From The Christian Left: Updated - 05/23/2019

Is humankind primarily good or evil? Read my take on the question in, "Musings From The Christian Left: The Goodness of Man."


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